A New Kind of Treatment

Here’s how Extracellular Matrix Therapy Works.

Extracellular Matrix Therapy

Extracellular Matrix Therapy is an all-in-one treatment option that incorporates a dense source of biologic content to include collagen, various growth factors, and BioActive molecules. These materials are intended to supplement and replace the missing elements that are lost as we age and derived from healthy human placental tissues, the richest biologic source known to science. The procedure, a simple injection into the injured area, is performed in your doctor’s office and only takes a matter of minutes. No painful draws, and no flare or reaction. Its as simple as that.


Our entire body is made up of connective tissue. It’s one of the four basic types of tissues found in all animals along with epithelial, nervous and muscle tissues. Its found in our skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone, and blood. Without connective tissues, we don’t exist. The basic building blocks for all connective tissues consists of the following three main components: cells, fibers like elastin and collagen, and the ground substance which holds the extracellular matrix (the structural and biochemical supporting framework to all surrounding cells). It’s important to recognize the importance of all of these elements as they are all necessary for normal body functions.

The Extracellular Matrix

As we dive deeper into the biology, we find a 3-dimensional macromolecular environment consisting of a variety of components that help bind cells together and provide the framework for cell-to-cell communication. Collagen, proteins, elastin, and exosomes (signaling molecules) all reside in the extracellular matrix. Cells alone can’t regenerate without these basic building blocks. It’s a complex environment. You need all of these elements working together to help properly. Over time, we lose these critical components and our bodies start to break down. Without all of the materials found in the extracellular matrix, we lose our ability to repair and become susceptible to injury which can cause pain and inflammation.

Comprehensive Treatment

A Complete Biologic Source that is Backed By Science​

Important elements with a key role in regulating a variety of biochemical processes. Typically act as signaling molecules between cells.

The most abundant protein found in the human body. These proteins provide a scaffold necessary for strength and structure to a cellular environment.

Various compounds that stimulate cellular activation and aid in the movement of materials in and out of cell environments.

Extracellular Matrix Therapy Benefits

  • Support the Body’s Remodeling Process
  • Quickly Modulates Inflammation
  • Prevent Scar Tissue Formation
  • Simple, One-Step Procedure In Office
  • No Lengthy Recovery
  • Incorporate with Your Normal Physical Routine

Areas of Treatment

Knee Pain

From osteoarthritis to ligament and meniscus tears

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Reduce the signs of aging, from wrinkles to lines

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Neck Pain

Deterioration of the bones, discs and joints of the neck

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Back Pain

From degenerative disc disease to lumbar arthritis

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Foot & Ankle

From plantar fasciitis to osteoarthritis

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Hip Pain

Tendinitis, bursitis or osteoarthritis

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Elbow Pain

Swelling, pain, and inflammation from tennis elbow

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Shoulder Pain

From a rotator cuff tear to tendinitis and slapt ear

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