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You’re an active adult who enjoys running, golf, tennis, swimming, yoga or other physical activities. As time moves forward, your body starts to wear and the aches and pains in your knees, elbows, feet, ankles or other joint areas are preventing you from the active lifestyle you love.


Brought on by either age, disease or obesity the deterioration of the connective tissues causes pain and inflammation in the joint space.

Cervical Spondylosis

Normal wear and tear is the main cause of this condition and in rare circumstances when left untreated can lead to more serious conditions such as cervical spinal stenosis.

Skin Wrinkles & Lines

As we age, the surface of our body starts to transform. Our skin starts to change shape. The loss the elastin and collagen cause the skin to hang loose on our body

Degenerative Disc Disease

As we age, the discs in our spine start to deteriorate and while many people may not notice these changes, others can experience pain and swelling.

What if there was a non-surgical treatment option?

Consider all your options first.

The truth is we aren’t invincible.

Whether through age, trauma or disease, our bodies are constantly in a state of repair and restoration. And even though we adapt to the challenges of everyday life, we could use a little support along the way.

It’s possible your condition may not require surgery.

Imagine a simple injection into the injured area at your doctor’s office.

No painful draws. No flare. No adverse reactions.

It’s as simple as that.

Always seek professional advice from a licensed practitioner when considering your options.

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An All-Natural Treatment

Chiron's regenerative medicine reduces pain and inflammation, restores tissue and reduces scarring.

Backed by Science

This comprehensive treatment is a complete biological source and regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
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A One-Stop Procedure

The treatment takes 5-10 minutes, and your entire visit will typically take 30 minutes.

Non-Invasive and Safe

Most patients only require a single treatment to achieve significant results. No sedation is necessary, so patients are able to leave on their own after appropriate monitoring.
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An Effective Alternative

Patients may experience pain relief 3-10 days after treatment with continued improvement over the following weeks and months.

Feel Like You Again

Post-treatment care is typically limited to immobilization and bracing. Some physicians also have prescribed off-loading or protected active rehabilitation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regenerative medicine utilizes the potential of the body’s cells, growth factors, and other biological components to support and enhance a natural repair process.

Extracellular Matrix Therapy (ECM) is an all-natural treatment that utilizes powerful Growth Factors, Collagens, Extracellular Proteins and Bioactive® Molecules naturally found in human placental tissues. These placental tissue components may provide your body with the foundation it needs to: 

reduce pain and inflammation
restore tissue and
reduce scarring

ECM Therapy is typically a single one-time treatment, not a series. The procedure only takes 5-10 minutes, and your entire visit will typically take approximately 30 minutes. Most patients only require a single treatment to achieve significant results. Patients may experience pain relief as soon as 3-10 days after treatment, and continued improvement over the following weeks and months.

Always follow the advice of your physician. Typically, no immobilization, bracing or other inconvenience post-treatment is required. Physician may prescribe off-loading, immobilization, or protected active rehabilitation.

Read more about regenerative medicine here.

This comprehensive treatment is a complete biological source backed by science and regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Extracellular Matrix Therapy (ECM) has been reported to be effective in the clinical treatment of various conditions. Consult your physician to determine if ECM Therapy is right for you.

ECM Therapy products are derived from human placental tissues, donated by volunteer U.S.- based donors after a live, healthy C-section delivery.

Current transplantation techniques utilize your body’s own stem cells harvested from blood, fat cells, or bone marrow. These cells are then implanted into the part of your body causing you discomfort.

Unfortunately, as you age the quantity of these stem cells and the viability tends to diminish. An older person undergoing stem cell treatment may not heal as well as a younger patient. Additionally, not all stem cell therapy products are the same. There are hundreds of stem cell companies manufacturing products and making eccentric claims. It’s important to be mindful and to research these products ahead of time.

However, Extracellular Matrix Therapy (ECM) is NOT made up of isolated forms of cryopreserved stem cells. Our solutions are focused on treating your symptoms in the early stages of deterioration and can provide a variety of health benefits to treat your condition. These products are designed to help patients who may be suffering from a variety of medical conditions including pain, inflammation, hair loss, and sexual health. Addressing these conditions early may prevent you from having surgery in the future, but always discuss your options with your physician before making any decisions.  

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