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About Our Company

Utilizing the 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, our owners founded Chiron to source, evaluate, and distribute the best-in-class regenerative and restorative medicine therapy options commercially available for patients. We are proud to partner with suppliers that share in the same values while backing their products with proven scientific research. Our organization dedicates itself to our customers by providing a comprehensive education, support, and value-based service model across multiple healthcare specialties.

Our Mission

To improve the health of patients across the world by introducing novel technologies in the field of regenerative and restorative medicine.

Our Commitment

Enter in a new age of medicine. Never before have we seen such an explosion of new biological technology in a time dominated by an aging population searching for better solutions to treat their conditions. As we navigate this new wave of science, patient education is at the forefront of our core values.

We feel strongly about the performance of the products we distribute to our customers. Regenerative medicine has shown to be a proven form of treatment and growing at a very rapid pace in the market. With any new breakthrough in technology there is always going to be the need to provide education on the science behind the treatment. The general population expects their physicians to be transparent and answer their questions. They expect their physician to explain how these products interact with their body, provide relief, and get them back to feeling normal again. Only then will patients trust and accept novel therapies as alternatives to traditional forms of treatment.

We, as the distributors of these products, must take action to ensure both the physician and the patient feel well educated on where our products can help and not over promise on the results. Our responsibility must focus on providing factual information in alignment with FDA guidance and regulation. As the rules change, we need to adapt. We commit to working with suppliers that are either registered, licensed, or approved with the FDA. Through our website, seminars, speaker events, and outreach programs we commit to providing the facts and will keep you well informed.

Together we will find a better solution.

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A trusted network of physicians

We have partnered with physicians who offer a wide-range of treatment options to include regenerative medicine therapies. A team of licensed professionals will take the time to schedule a consult and evaluate your specific clinical condition. Don’t worry. 

While we are located in the southern United States, we will work to make arrangements if you are located in another region of the country. As we expand our network and continue to educate patients across the country in these novel technologies, we will provide updates on our new locations.